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added on: June 21, 2016

Summer means lots of snacks - here are some good options

Summer means lots of snacks – here are some good options

Parents often ask us about the best snacks for their child’s teeth. While most know that candy isn’t always the best choice, many parents are uncertain about which kinds of after-school snacks can actually be beneficial for teeth.

Go Natural The foods that are best for your children’s teeth are also the best for their overall health. Choosing whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, is always the best option for snacks. Maybe a stick of celery and let your kids dip it into all-natural peanut butter, or a juicy and crunchy apple cut into wedges. If your child is in orthodontic treatment, aim for softer fruits and vegetables.  This helps to avoid damage to their braces.

Avoid packaged foods usually they stick more readily to the surface of the teeth. Even foods that appear to be healthy, such as many brands of granola bars, can in fact be loaded with hidden sugars. Sugar can also be found in higher concentrations in dried fruit, honey, and syrups. The rule is, if a food has been altered in any way from its original state then there is usually a better choice.

Beverages Drinks are another murky area. Fruit juices appear to be an acceptable beverage, but many of them might be loaded with excessive sugar. The best beverages for your child’s teeth are water and low-fat milk. Milk has the added benefit of containing calcium, which is highly beneficial for the bone structure that supports the teeth.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it is also a great snack to keep teeth healthy. The next time your children are looking for an after-school snack, guide them toward healthier, low-sugar options that are beneficial to their overall health and their teeth.