Dental Urban Legends: What’s the Truth?

dental urban legendsI’ve all heard of some good urban legends throughout our years – alligators in the sewers anyone? What makes an urban legend a classic is when it’s believable. But at my dental office in Fort Wayne, we don’t really like those urban legends about dentistry – especially when they scare our patients. So we’re here to expose the truth behind some common dental urban legends.

One of the more well-known legends is that if you leave a tooth in a glass of Coca-Cola overnight, it will be totally dissolved by morning. While soda can be detrimental to your teeth if consumed habitually, a cup of Cola won’t do that kind of damage overnight. It does, however, contain acid and could stain or cause enamel to wear away.

Here’s another myth that really hurts the feelings of our team members at my Fort Wayne dental office. Some years ago, people tried to blame tooth sensitivity on too many professional cleanings and “scrapings.” This is not only silly, it can be detrimental your oral health if believed. Tooth sensitivity is often caused by brushing too hard, eating too many acidic foods, gum disease, or tooth grinding. To keep sensitivity away, we recommend regular cleanings with your dentist in Fort Wayne to ensure that all dangerous plaque buildup is removed, your gums are still healthy, and that your smile is strong and not prone to sensitivity.

A dangerous misconception relates to baby teeth. Many people think that baby teeth aren’t important, so it really doesn’t matter if they fall out before they’re ready or get cavities. The truth is, it’s crucial that baby teeth stay healthy and in place until they naturally fall out. Baby teeth are place holders for permanent teeth, and by keeping them healthy and secure, adult teeth will erupt as nature intended and extensive dental problems later on can be avoided.

There are plenty of other legends and myths that we simply don’t have room to cover here. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s actually true and what’s just as true as the alligators in the sewer, call my dental office in Fort Wayne. We’ll set the record straight and get your teeth sparkling clean.

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