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I have been coming to see Dr. Briscoe for over 10 Years. I came to him to maintain the health of my smile and I knew he could help me keep my teeth in good condition. Everyone at the office is always very friendly and professional, and they always utilize the newest and best protocol and equipment in their practice. I had a cap on my front tooth that was slightly unsightly, but of little concern. But when Dr. Briscoe pointed out that it could look a lot more natural because of modern advancements, I was interested. The process of getting my new ceramic caps was very interesting – the prosthetic hand painted in front of me so as to match my other teeth! Now I love my smile – it looks great!

- L.P.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Briscoe took over the practice of my retiring dentist – I have been a happy patient ever since. Everyone is awesome! I really enjoy the staff; they make you feel like family. I needed braces so I got them at 30 years old, and I’m glad I did. I also had my wisdom teeth removed and an implant placed, and I am so pleased with the outcome. I smile a lot more, and I would tell anyone to get braces without hesitation. It’s not that bad having adult braces!

- M.B.

Ten years ago, I decided to change dentists. Todd was our neighbor and I knew I could trust him– he really is a wonderful person and a wonderful dentist. In fact, everyone at the office is always friendly and welcoming. He has given me bridges to maintain my long-term dental health, and I am very satisfied – they look great! I’d recommend Dr. Briscoe to anyone… I have already!

- B.A.

I’ve been going to Dr. Briscoe for a very long time, ever since my family moved to New Haven and my dad started coming. I hated my teeth; they were so bad. They made me sick in some ways, and I was always in considerable pain. I needed so much work done, especially on a broken tooth, and I needed lots of fillings. My dentistry was very involved, but Dr. Briscoe was always professional and made sure I was comfortable every moment – he kept asking if I was okay during the procedure. The most important aspect of this entire experience has been the doctor’s unfailing kindness. My experience at this office is really beyond words. They know my health and medical history and always treat me like family. I would recommend Dr. Briscoe to anyone. He is the only DDS I will ever go to. Teri, Lori, Chrissy, Anne, Dr. Briscoe – the whole staff – are God-given. Thank you from my heart.

- N.M.

My TMJ was affecting my life, and I really needed an exam and treatment. I chose Dr. Briscoe’s office because it was close to home, had clean facilities, and had friendly receptionists. I also trusted Dr. Briscoe’s professionalism. When Dr. Briscoe recommended a bite equilibration procedure I was a bit apprehensive but with Dr. Briscoe, I have always felt more at ease than with other dentists. Completing treatment took a long time, but it was worth it: I now have a better quality of life, and so much less pain. Thank you Dr. Briscoe and staff for your kindness!

- E.B.

I needed a family dentist, and some friends recommended Dr. Briscoe. I had some pain in one tooth and Dr. Briscoe recommended that I have a crown placed. I ended up needing a root canal as well, but the process didn’t take too long. The staff was really great and helpful.

- K.S.

I have been seeing Dr. Briscoe since he replaced Dr. Daley for the health and maintenance of my teeth. I have never been apprehensive or nervous, and the staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Briscoe will be my choice for any procedure concerning my oral health.

- M.J.

I believe I have been a patient of Dr. Todd Briscoe most of my life! While my teeth look all right, they stress me out because they won’t behave! Dr. Briscoe is always there to correct issues as they occur – you name it, I’ve had it! But thanks to Dr. Briscoe, I still have teeth and I’m not ashamed of them. The truth is, I am so happy with Dr. Briscoe’s care that I could be the fan club president. I am moving out of the state, but I love all of you and will so miss you!

- S.L.

I came to Dr. Briscoe for a cleaning and discovered that, while my teeth were ok, they needed some fillings and a root canal. My husband is a patient and I knew I could trust Dr. Briscoe with my care. Everyone was warm and welcoming and they kept me comfortable at every visit. Now my smile looks and feels great!

- L.W.

I was in treatment to correct my bite when my orthodontist referred me to Dr. Briscoe. My front teeth had significant wear on the top and bottom from grinding. In fact, my teeth were worn to the dentin in places. I never liked how  short, crowded, and crooked my front teeth were, and since  I was investing in ortho, I figured it was  a good time to correct the length of my teeth. Everyone in the office was so kind, professional, and helpful that I never felt nervous or apprehensive.  I had several appointments with Dr. Briscoe, including a number of consultations, to be sure I knew exactly what I wanted. After my impressions, Dr. Briscoe created a wax model of my restorations so I could see how they would look. Dr. Briscoe was wonderful – even the temporaries were great looking! He shaped my gums, adjusted my teeth, and created a nightguard for me so I wouldn’t ruin my new teeth by grinding. The final outcome was absolutely amazing . I couldn’t be happier about the results. I’m so glad I made the switch to Dr. Briscoe!

- M.S.

December 05, 2017

Annual Winter White Sale

We are having our Winter White Sale! And we have a great gift for someone you love. Stop in and talk to one of our team members about checking these off your shopping list!

August 27, 2017

Vacation Week

Dr. Briscoe, Amy, Benji, Kelley, Liz, Lori, Sarah & Teri have taken this week (8/28 thru 9/1) off so they can recharge their batteries.  They will come back renewed and ready for you. Have a safe Holiday Weekend.

June 28, 2017

July Fourth!

When searching for ideas regarding July Fourth and Independence day for the United States, it was a little daunting.  However, Mr. Adlai Stevenson seemed to sum it up well: ” When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills,… Read More…

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