Patient Reviews

  • "Ten years ago, I decided to change dentists. Todd was our neighbor and I knew I could trust him– he really is a wonderful person and a wonderful dentist. In fact, everyone at the office is always friendly and welcoming. He has given me bridges to maintain my long-term dental health, and I am very satisfied – they look great! I’d recommend Dr. Briscoe to anyone… I have already!"
  • "I needed a family dentist, and some friends recommended Dr. Briscoe. I had some pain in one tooth and Dr. Briscoe recommended that I have a crown placed. I ended up needing a root canal as well, but the process didn’t take too long. The staff was really great and helpful."
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Briscoe since he replaced Dr. Daley for the health and maintenance of my teeth. I have never been apprehensive or nervous, and the staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Briscoe will be my choice for any procedure concerning my oral health."
  • "I believe I have been a patient of Dr. Todd Briscoe most of my life! While my teeth look all right, they stress me out because they won’t behave! Dr. Briscoe is always there to correct issues as they occur – you name it, I’ve had it! But thanks to Dr. Briscoe, I still have teeth and I’m not ashamed of them. The truth is, I am so happy with Dr. Briscoe’s care that I could be the fan club president. I am moving out of the state, but I love all of you and will so miss you!"
  • "I came to Dr. Briscoe for a cleaning and discovered that, while my teeth were ok, they needed some fillings and a root canal. My husband is a patient and I knew I could trust Dr. Briscoe with my care. Everyone was warm and welcoming and they kept me comfortable at every visit. Now my smile looks and feels great!"

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